Markis Precise is a music producer and keyboardist from Fresno, California. In the early 2000s, Markis took to time-honored traditions of crate digging to create the sample-based soundscapes that helped kickstart Central Cali’s independent hip-hop scene. The fact his region was slept on fostered Markis’ drive, one cultivated not only from years of selling music out the trunk but also from the humility of making beats that went unheard.

Markis’ production later evolved to incorporate his lifelong training as a keyboardist, expanding the boundaries of chopped boom bap with the melodic elements unique to live instrumentation. His 2012 release Impressions illustrated this concept with his own keyboardist interpretations of the legendary producers that inspired him.

In 2015, Markis stayed true to his collaborative ethos, as he independently reached out to some of hip-hop’s most talented artists to contribute to his album The Feeling Of Flying. The album features Brother Ali, Elzhi, Oddisee, Fashawn, Strong Arm Steady, Zion I, The Grouch, Eligh, Ras Kass, and more. In its first week of release, The Feeling of Flying became the number one added hip-hop album on the national CMJ radio charts, with various tracks receiving steady airplay on both commercial and non-commercial radio stations, as well as placements on weekly and year-end top ten lists.

RESPECT magazine described The Feeling of Flying album as "a 13-track exploration of lyricism, sound, and vivid storytelling that returns hip-hop to an organic state, blending new wave content with the foundation on which hip-hop was built.” Amoeba Music commented, "Noteworthy of the collaborative album is the Fresno producer's gift at pairing just the right music with each of his vocal collaborators. He manages to bring out the very best in his guest emcees."

Since then, Markis has spent the majority of time collaborating on freelance projects, while continuing to expand his music theory and instrumentation. As of 2019, he is currently working on his second full-length album.