“General Hydroponics Volume 4”, Featuring Music by Markis Precise


Markis Precise’s song “Kiss the Ring” (featuring Elzhi and Fashawn) can be found on the newly released General Hydroponics Volume 4. This compilation (showcased here on the front page of iTunes) contains an eclectic blend of hip-hop and reggae that anyone can chill and vibe to. Shout-out to Ineffable Music for supporting independent musicians.

“Kiss the Ring” is a song notable for several things, including 1) Both Elzhi and Fashawn are often praised for being a “rapper’s rapper”, 2) Both artists released acclaimed tributes to Nas’ Illmatic, and 3) Collaborations between Detroit and Fresno emcees are rare but always special.

Click here to listen to General Hydroponics Volume 4 album.


Mark Ratanasen